Mapcrafter is a high performance Minecraft map renderer written in C++. It renders Minecraft worlds to a bunch of images which are viewable like a Google Map in any webbrowser using Leaflet.js.

It runs on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems like Mac OS and has also an experimental support for Windows (see Windows). The renderer works with the Anvil world format and the Minecraft 1.6 resource packs.

Mapcrafter is free software and available under the GPL license. You can access the latest source code of Mapcrafter on GitHub:

There are a few example maps of the renderer on the GitHub Wiki. Please feel free to add your own map to this list.



  • Web output: Render your Minecraft worlds to maps viewable in any webbrowser!
  • Different render views: Choose between different perspectives to render your world from! A 2D topdown and a 3D isometric render view are available!
  • Different rotations: Choose from four different rotations to render your worlds from!
  • Different render modes: Choose between different render modes like day, night and cave for your maps!
  • Different overlays: Show additional information on your map! For example: Where can slimes spawn? Where can monsters spawn at night?
  • Configuration files: Highly-customizable which worlds are rendered with which render view and other render parameters!
  • Markers: Automatically generated markers from your Minecraft world data!
  • Other stuff: Biome colors, incremental rendering, multithreading


Read Using Mapcrafter to get a first insight how to use the renderer. You can find a detailed documentation about the render configuration file format in Configuration File Format.

If you find bugs or problems when using Mapcrafter or if you have ideas for new features, then please feel free to add an issue to the GitHub issue tracker.

You can contact me in IRC (#mapcrafter on Freenode). Use the webclient if you are new to IRC. I will be there most of the time, but please bear in mind that I can’t be available all the time. If I’m not there, wait some time or try another time of the day.

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